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Ayurveda is considered the most ancient healing science, developed in India more than 5000 years ago. Though in the early years, it was taught orally, the later practitioners wrote down the ailments, the treatment methods, the herbs, minerals, fruits, seeds, and leaves that were to be used for preparing the remedies. Though it was practiced all over the country, its popularity and prevalence eventually ebbed in other parts – but not in Kerala. The state is inextricably linked to Ayurveda, along with its natural beauty, martial art of Kalarippayattu, and Kathakali.

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Our chain of Ayurveda Healing Centers is named after our founder, the revered Chandran Gurukkal, from the Mottammal family of Kerala. From early childhood, he was steeped in the sacred traditions of Ayurveda and Kalarippayattu. A prodigious Kalarippayattu exponent, he introduced his unique martial arts version, which was a combination of Kalarippayattu, Karate, wrestling, and boxing, to Kerala. A skilled and expert healer of sports injuries, Chandran Gurukkal prepared traditional medicinal remedies to treat injuries, immobility, and infirmity. His disciples had the fortune of experiencing the curative power of Ayurveda not just for their injuries, but for their overall wellness, and mental strength.

He had a dream – of making these powerful healing techniques accessible to everyone; to that end, Chandran Gurukkal Ayurvedic Clinic was established in August 2018. Today, our clinics carry forward the legacy of this illustrious visionary, offering affordable, authentic Ayurvedic treatment and therapies to cure and prevent illness. We have centers in Al Karama, Al Qusais, and Bur Dubai, and cater to patients of all ages. Whether it’s skincare, muscular debilities, eye problems, or mental health, CGAC promises you caring, attentive, and personalized treatment by expert practitioners. Our holistic approach works to root out ailments in its entirety, and have lasting results. Gentle yet potent, Ayurvedic therapies help patients feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

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